A little bit about the life
of the only public shelter for homeless
animals in Petrozavodsk city

Challenges and achievements,
tears and joy

We shan't save all we should like to, but we shall save a great deal more than if we had never tried.
Peter Scott

The first public shelter of Petrozavodsk for homeless animals – a large and complex industry, which contains more than 130 dogs and 80 cats. It exists for more than 5 years, but continues to constantly build and develop. The shelter still has no water supply and no central heating, it is heated by 8 furnaces, workers taking care of animals operate in harsh conditions. However, during the existence of the shelter, more than 1800 animals have found a new home.
The shelter is not supported by the city administration and exists only due to the donations of concerned citizens, and volunteer forces.

The shelter is constantly expanding and developing

The construction of dog-walking area

Volunteers helping

Workdays at the shelter

Unlike many other organizations, the shelter has no weekends. It works almost around the clock!
Every day the shelter, with no central heating or water supply, provides maintenance, half-board feeding, walking on a leash, cleaning, medical care, heating and safety of more than 130 dogs and 80 cats.

There is no water supply in shelter,
it is brought by volunteers by personal transport.

Every day the shelter uses
about 250 litres of drinking water.

Every morning starts
with the kindling of 8 furnaces.

It takes about 0.3 cubic meter
of firewood daily for heating and cooking food.

Working at the shelter is hard manual labor. In any weather, twice a day, about 130 dogs are taken out for a walk on a leash. 50 cages for dogs, 27 cells for cats and 3 large areas for walking out cats are cleaned daily. And that's not counting the maintenance of a clean site for dog walking, snow removal during the winter, chopping wood, distribution of sawdust and hay into sacks.

It takes more than 60kg of grain per day
to cook 150 liters of porridge with meat.

It takes over 8 large bags of sawdust daily
to maintain the dog area clean.

50 open-air cages for dogs
are cleaned daily

Medical care

A veterinarian inspects each
animal admitted to the shelter.

Vaccination of all animals
at the shelter is compulsory

Every animal admitted to the shelter is examined by a vet, vaccinated, and undergoes the mandatory sterilization procedure or castration. Due to the large number of animals in need of medical care, the shelter has to employ a specialist for taking care of sick animals.

Elsa is being treated for severe

Lada has a ligament rupture
after a car accident.

Grunya was found half-dead
by the shelter walls.

Shelter wards

The shelter contains more than 130 dogs and 80 cats. Animals end up at the shelter for different reasons: some are found in critical condition by not indifferent volunteers, others get there after their owner's death. The saddest thing is that many of them are simply left at the shelter’s gate.

In the absence of a municipal shelter, we receive more than 50 calls daily with a request to accept their animal (most often these animals have owners). But a public shelter cannot help all animals in Petrozavodsk city, as it has limited resources and financial capacity.

Our pride

The purpose of the shelter is to find a good home for each rescued dog or cat. All animals are sterilized and vaccinated before the adoption. More than 1800 animals have obtained loving families since the shelter started working. We are pleased to see them happy and loved.

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