The shelter was founded by a couple of enthusiastic people in 2010. As you know there is no real state policy of treating the home and street animals. That’s why the number of homeless animals in Russia is huge.
The shelter has no support from the government; it keeps working only thanks to the charity of the citizens and some crowd-funding projects. Nowadays there are 130 dogs and 90 cats. With the economic crisis the country is facing now it becomes much more complicated to pay the bills, to feed the animals and offer them the medical treatment. We understand how important to keep it working! As only for the less than 5 years more than 1000 dogs and 2000 cats found their homes in Russia and abroad. We would appreciate any possible help.
Petrozavodsk Public Shelter is the first and the only one in Petrozavodsk. The Shelter isn`t funded by the municipal budget and relies only on concerned people`s donations. That`s why we always need your help of all sorts!

Помочь приюту (сервис Яндекс.Касса):

Shelter needs:

  • 1. Canned ​​Food for cats and dogs
  • 2. Dry food for cats
  • 3. Meat and fish
  • 4. Rice, buckwheat
  • 5. Dairy products (curds, kefir)
  • 6. Dog harness (leashes, collars, harnesses, muzzles)
  • 7. Cages for animals (The shelter is often overcrowded and there is not enough space for the animals, we cannot bring them away, either. That’s why we need cages for a temporary stay of animals (until the animal is taken for temporary residence or a shelter dwelling becomes vacant)
  • 8. Carrying boxes for cats
  • 9. Toys for dogs and cats
  • 10. Bowls for cats and dogs
  • 11. Waste sacks of all sizes
  • 12. Toilet paper (to clear up animals` crates)
  • 13. Rubber, vinyl, latex gloves (for cleaning and working with sick animals)/li>
  • 14. Cleaners (Detergent 'Белизна' and others )
  • 15. Syringes 1 ml ( 'insulinic') and 2 ml
  • 16. Single-use medical overalls and shoe covers
  • 17. Old newspapers (not magazines or books)
  • 18. Mattress (not box spring) and blankets
  • 19. Rags

We always need your active help::

  • * dog walking and cleaning in the shelter,
  • * collection and transportation of donations for the shelter around the city,
  • * construction work,
  • * volunteer work at our promotional events.

  • We always need the following medicines::

    • - Normaks, Sofradeks
    • - Painkillers (Analgin, Pentalgin, Baralgin, Traumatin, ampouled No-spa)
    • - Treatment for gastrointestinal tract (Mezim, Bifidumbacterin, Smecta, Enterosgel, etc.)
    • - Treatment for immunity (TSikloferon, Derinat, Gamavit)
    • - Treatment for joints, bones (Rimadyl, Artroglikan)
    • - Metrogyl
    • - For wounds (levomecol, Streptocide etc.)
    • - For liver and kidneys (canephron, essential - ampouled and tablets)

    In the wintertime we always need firewood, in other seasons – hay and sawdust

    Please, if you want to donate something to the shelter but are unable to deliver it by yourself, then send email to or call to manager. As soon as we find somebody who will be able to take the donation from you – we will get in touch with you. THANK YOU!

    Shelter manager`s mobile number: 8 911 664 24 06.
    Mon-Fr. 09.00-21.00, Sat., Sun.-11.00-16.00.

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